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...E Protocol Rugby Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Running and Track Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Running Injuries Sesamoid Injuries in the Foot Shin Splints Shoe Inserts Skin Cancer of the Foot and Ankle Smelly Feet Soccer Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Soft Tissue Biopsy Softball Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Sports Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Staph Infections of the Foot Stress Fracture in the Foot Sweaty Feet Swollen Ankles Swollen Feet Synovitis Tailor's Bunion Talar Dome Lesion Tarsal Coalition Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Tennis Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Thick Toenails Tingly Feet Tired Feet Toe and Metatarsal Fractures (Broken Toes) Toe Walking Turf Toe Ulcers/Wounds Varicose Veins Volleyball Injuries to the Foot and Ankle Warts Weak Ankles Webbed Toes White Toenails Wounds/Ulcers Wounds-Puncture Yellow Toenails

June Articles 2014
...Whether its simple turf toe, which can leave athletes sidelined for months, or a damaging fracture, foot injuries can be very frustrating...

Could You Have Turf Toe?
...If these symptoms sound familiar, you may be suffering from a condition we see regularly at New England Foot & Ankle Specialists known as turf toe...

Treating Sesamoid Injuries
...At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists, we find risk factors that make patients more likely to injure the sesamoids include: Participating in sports and activities that put significant pressure or impact on the big toe and forefoot, such as ballet, football, running, basketball and tennis Having high arches Frequently wearing high heeled shoes There are several types of injuries that can occur to the sesamoids and the bones and tendons surround them including fractures, inflammation (sesamoiditis) and Turf Toe...

Sesamoid Injuries in the Foot
... Types of Sesamoid Injuries in the Foot There are three types of sesamoid injuries in the foot: Turf toe...

Turf Toe
What is Turf Toe...

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