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June Articles 2014
...This is why foot therapies are so important in order to get athletes back on the right track and training again...

Treating Plantar Fasciitis
...Other treatment options may include any or all of the following: Stretching exercises Orthotics—to correct the faulty foot structure and/or arch problem that may be causing the plantar fasciitis; in some instances padding will be recommended to act as a shock absorber Night splints—to help keep the plantar fascia stretched overnight; strapping during the day may also help Physical Therapy In extreme cases where other therapies do not bring relief, surgery may be required...

What is Heel Spur Syndrome?
...These may include: Icing the affected area Taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications Cortiscosteroid injections Choosing shoes with better arch support or using custom orthotics to properly position the foot and relieve pressure on the plantar fascia Night splinting to keep the plantar fascia stretched overnight Taping or strapping the foot Physical therapy In some cases where the above therapies are not effective, your foot doctor may recommend surgery which might include removing the heel spurs...

Tailor's Bunion
... Non-Surgical Treatment Treatment for tailor’s bunion typically begins with non-surgical therapies...

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