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MLB player Rudy Owens’sustained a mysterious stress fracture in his left foot last year, undergoing surgery so the injury doesn’t get worse.  “Even when I first started feeling it, it never hurt when I pitched — only when I’d run,” Owens said involving last year. “I tell people I was in the rodeo and I got stepped on by a bull. Other than that I don’t know, it just happened, I guess stress fracture.”

 “Foot’s good,” Owens said post-surgery. “I mean, it’s getting there. It gets sore sometimes when I run. I take a few days off of running and it feels good again. So I mean, it’s just up and down with the soreness. But pitching wise, there’s no pain.”

A stress fracture can happen unexpectedly. If you injured your foot or ankle, podiatrist Dr. Brian Tedesco of Complete Foot & Ankle Care is here to help. Dr. Tedesco can examine your foot or ankle and make the proper diagnosis and treatment.

Coping with Podiatric Stress Fractures

Stress Fractures occur on the foot and ankle when muscles in these areas weaken as a result of overexertion or underuse.  As a result, the ankles and feet lose support when walking or running from the ground. Since these bones are not protected, they receive the full impact of each step. The stress on the feet causes the bones to form cracks.

What are Stress Fractures?

Stress Fractures are very common among those who are highly active and involved in sports or activities that make excessive use of their legs and feet. Stress fractures are especially common among:

-athletes (gymnasts, tennis players, basketball players)


-osteoporosis patients

-those who engage in high-intensity workouts

Stress Fracture Symptoms

Pain from the fractures occur in the area of the fractures, and can be either constant or periodic. The pain is usually sharp or dull, accompanied by swelling and tenderness. Engagement in any kind of high impact activity will exacerbate the pain.

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lyoto machidaLyoto Machida might have been able to defeat Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night in Brazil, but nearly suffered a broken foot as a result. Machida, who sustained the injury during the fight, told Karyn Bryant on FOX Sports 1. "I don't know what happened exactly, but maybe in the third round I did some kicking and he defended with his knee," Machida said.

"I don't know if I broke my foot, but it happened." Machida limped as he walked, wearing an air cast. Machida stated that his foot didn’t bother him during the fight itself. "I didn't think about my foot, I just tried to keep my focus on the fight because I know Mousasi was a tough opponent and I tried to give my best," Machida said.

A broken footcan take out even the best fighters. Fortunately, podiatrist Dr. Brian Tedesco of Complete Foot & Ankle Care is here to help. Dr. Tedesco can help you with your injury and work with you to get you back into sports or your active daily regime.

Broken Foot Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

A broken foot is caused by one of the bones in the foot ‘breaking’, or fracturing. Bones typically break when the bone is bended, crushed, or stretched beyond its natural capabilities. Usually the location of the fracture indicates how the break occurred, whether it was through an object, fall, or any other type of injury.  

Common Symptoms of Broken Feet:

· Bruising
· Pain
· Redness
· Swelling
· Blue (foot)
· Numbness
· Cold
· Misshapen
· Cuts
· Deformities

Those who are experiencing any of these symptoms, or suspect that they have a broken foot, should seek medical attention in a center where x-rays can be performed. This is especially urgent if any of the symptoms include numbness, blue coloring, cold feet, cuts, misshapen toes or deformities as these indicate more severe cases.

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