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By New England Foot & Ankle Specialists
August 03, 2016
Category: Foot Care

Did you know that according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) improper care of your feet during exercise is a factor in over 300 foot injuries and disorder? At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists we want our patients to be in good shape but not at the expense of your feet.  Here are some ways you can protect your podiatric health while you work out:

Get a Check Up: We’ve all heard how you should “consult your physician” before starting a new exercise program but many people neglect to realize that includes your feet. If you’ve had previous injuries or have existing conditions such as bunions or flat feet, your podiatrists can make specific recommendations regarding activities and footwear that will be less stressful on your trouble spots.

Listen to Your Feet: Pain is never normal. While you may experience sore muscles when you first start a new sport or program, stabbing pain, extreme pain or pain that doesn’t go away is a sign that something is wrong. Continuing to bear weight on a hurt foot or engaging in the same motion that is causing the pain will most likely lead to serious injury.

Get the Gear: You can skip the fancy shorts or sports logo t-shirt but don’t skimp on quality footwear. Today, footwear is designed specifically for the motion that a particular sport requires. Having fitness shoes or sneakers that fit properly and support your foot where needed is one of the biggest precautions you can take to prevent sports injuries. Get professionally fitted by someone experienced with sport shoes.

Sweat the Small Stuff:  Some common foot problems that occur with exercise are blisters, shin splints, athlete’s foot, corns and calluses. Although none of these are major medical problems, don’t ignore them. For any of these or more serious pain and discomfort, make an appointment at our Reading office to see one of our podiatrists, George A. Abboud, D.P.M., Brian D. Tedesco, D.P.M., Carl Conui, D.P.M., and Kimberly Thurmond, D.P.M. by calling (781) 944-4044.

By New England Foot & Ankle Specialists
March 23, 2016
Category: sports injuries
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With the occasional warm days and first hint of spring in the air, many of our patients at New England Foot & Ankle Specialists are putting on their sneakers and heading out for a run. In your enthusiasm, however, make sure you don’t overdo it and go too far, too fast or you may find yourself suffering from shin splints. Although the pain from shin splints is in your lower leg, this is an issue for your podiatrist because the root of the problem is often in the feet.

Common Causes

Our podiatrists, George A. Abboud, D.P.M., Brian D. Tedesco, D.P.M., Carl Conui, D.P.M., and Kimberly Thurmond, D.P.M. are experienced in evaluating sports injuries and conditions associated with exercise. Shin splints are usually recognized by their characteristic pain in the front and sides of the lower leg, which can be accompanied by swelling. This inflammation in the shin is a result of the repeated pulling of the muscle in leg from the shin bone. Possible reasons for shin splints include:

  • Flat feet
  • Tightness in the calves
  • Poorly fitting or worn out footwear
  • Muscle imbalance
  • Incorrect training or warm ups
  • Walking or running on uneven surfaces

Treatment and Prevention

Fortunately, shin splints are usually easily alleviated. The foot doctor will most likely ask you to rest from activities that cause the pain and swelling. This, combined with icing the affected area and taking a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, such as ibuprofen will usually take care of this condition. Going forward,  be sure to stretch well before starting your walk or run to help prevent shin splints. If flat feet are the cause of your shin splints, the podiatrist may prescribe orthotics that will provide arch support.

Never continue to exercise through the pain of shin splints. This can result in a stress fracture. If you have pain in your feet or lower legs after exercising, make an appointment at either our Reading office and find out how you can be fit without pain.

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