• Could You Have Cavus Foot?
    Do you experience pain when you are walking or standing? Do you have calluses on the ball or side of your foot or on your heel? Does your ankle feel Read more
  • Treating Sesamoid Injuries
    Injuries to the sesamoids—those two little bones on the underside of your foot near the base of the big toe—can cause pain and disability that ranges from mild to severe. Read more
  • Back to School: A Pain in the Foot?
    Children are famous for finding reasons for not wanting to go to school, especially after the lazy days of summer but if your child is using foot pain as an Read more
  • Fall Hikes and Foot Health
    The beautiful changing leaves and crisp air here in New England are a real incentive to hit one or more of the many hiking trails our area has to offer. Read more
  • Treating Fungal Nails with Laser Therapy
    At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists one of the more frequent conditions we see in patients is fungal toenails. Symptoms of fungal toenail include: discoloration and thickening of the Read more
  • September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
    Your weight and the health of your feet—there’s an undeniable connection. At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists, we see the incidence and severity of many medical disorders and conditions Read more
  • Tracking Down the Source of Muscle Spasms
    Sometimes patients are hesitant to come to New England Foot & Ankle Specialists with a complaint of muscle spasms. After all, even though they are annoying and mildly painful, spasms Read more
  • Treating a Lisfranc Injury
    Have you ever heard of a Lisfranc joint or ligament? They are located in the middle of your foot at the point where your metatarsal bones meet up with the Read more
  • What Makes Psoriatic Arthritis Different?
    If the joints in your feet are inflamed, you’ll know it. The pain and stiffness will be evident with every step. August is Psoriasis Awareness Month and here at New Read more
  • Back to Basic Foot Care
    At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists we treat a wide variety of toe, foot and ankle disorders. What we find is that one of the best “treatments” is prevention. Read more
  • 10 Shoe Shopping Tips
    Did you know that one of the biggest factors in preventing foot problems is choosing well-made shoes that fit properly? Here at New England Foot & Ankle Specialists we want Read more
  • Get Fit Without Hurting Your Feet
    Did you know that according to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) improper care of your feet during exercise is a factor in over 300 foot injuries and disorder? At Read more
  • Simple Solutions for Summer Foot Problems
    Although summer brings lots of opportunities for fun activities it also can be a time of increased risk for certain common foot problems. At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists Read more
  • Could You Have Turf Toe?
    After an impromptu football game at a family barbecue you notice that your big toe is a little sore. By the next day, the pain is intense. There is quite Read more
  • Foot Cancers and Tumors
    Cancer can develop in your feet just as in other parts of the body. Now that summer is here, it’s a good time to remind our patients to apply sunscreen Read more
  • Preventing Fungal Toenail Infections
    A fungal toenail infection, also known as onychomycosis, often starts as a small white or yellow spot under the tip of one of your toenails. It is not usually painful Read more
  • 3 Reasons Your Feet May be Itchy
    Having itchy feet, particularly if you’re wearing socks and shoes and can’t get at them, can make you crazy! At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists, we treat many patients Read more

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