Signs And Symptoms Of Ankle Pain and How We Can Help

Ankle pain can be frustrating to deal with and can interrupt your normal routine and make it difficult to function like normal. It’s important to be able to spot signs associated with ankle pain so that your podiatrist can figure out what could be causing your pain and how it can be treated. Your podiatrists at New England Foot & Ankle Specialists in Reading, MA, can explain what to look for with ankle pain and symptoms associated with different types of ankle pain.

Dealing with Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can occur from all types of issues and can be difficult to deal with. You might not be able to walk comfortably, and it can be difficult to enjoy activities you enjoy. It can also be uncomfortable to wear certain shoes and you might deal with issues that can further worsen your pain.

If ankle pain causes your ankle to feel twisted and you can’t put weight on your ankle, your podiatrist in Reading, MA, may determine that you’re dealing with a sprained ankle. You’ll need to rest and elevate your ankle, while also icing it throughout the day. This helps reduce any swelling you might be dealing with.

Another issue that causes ankle pain and similar issues to a sprained ankle is arthritis. This can be caused by a sprained ankle that didn’t heal properly and can result in deformities and swelling in the ankle. You may not be able to walk as well or as easily as you once did, and it can decrease your ability to function properly.

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