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Treating Fungal Nails with Laser Therapy

At New England Foot & Ankle Specialists one of the more frequent conditions we see in patients is fungal toenails. Symptoms of fungal toenail include: discoloration and thickening of the nail and brittleness, sometimes accompanied by peeling or flaking. Direct contact with the fungi is usually how fungal toenails develop. This can occur in a number of different ways:

  • Going barefoot in a gym, communal shower, public pool

  • Getting a pedicure at a salon that does not follow proper sanitizing procedures

  • Sharing socks or shoes with others

  • Injury

  • Too much time in tight, closed in footwear and/or sweaty socks

Diagnosis and Treatment

Although fungal nails may not initially be painful, they can worsen to the point where the nail becomes separated from the bed and a bacterial infection may occur then as well. Fungal infection can also spread from your toenails to other areas on your foot or body. One of our podiatrists: Dr. George A. Abboud, Dr. Brian D. Tedesco, Dr. Carl Conui or Dr. Kimberly Thurmond will examine your foot and nails to diagnose a fungal toenail. Typical treatments of fungal toenails include prescription of oral or topical medications. These, however, can take several months to show results, may have side effects and are not effective in many patients. Laser therapy is another treatment option we offer that has several advantages:

  • You can see clear nail growth and improved appearance after 1 or 2 treatments

  • The laser works by gently heating the skin under the nail and effectively killing the fungus

  • There are no side affects

  • Laser treatment is generally not painful, although you will feel warmth and heat

  • It in no way restricts your normal activities

If you have a fungal toenail and would like to learn more about laser therapy, contact our Reading office for an appointment by calling: (781) 944-4044.

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