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Illinois Man Overcomes Neuroma to Join 50Sub4 Club

Untitled.pngJoe Legat of Waukegan, Illinois has loved running for most of his life. At first he just ran around his neighborhood, but later he started participating in marathons in places like Chicago and Los Angeles. Eventually he found out about 50Sub4, a club that only admits runners who have completed a marathon in less than four hours in every U.S. state.

Legat started doing everything he could to become a member, even running races on consecutive days sometimes. He hit a few stumbling blocks along the way, such as developing Morton’s neuroma in his foot and a condition called atrial fibrillation in his heart, but a few months ago he finished a marathon in Hawaii and was finally able to claim his membership to 50Sub4.

Morton’s neuroma can be a painful burden. To get professional care for this condition, speak to podiatrist Dr. Brian Tedesco of Complete Foot & Ankle Care. Dr. Tedesco will do everything he can to treat your Morton’s neuroma and get you back on your feet again.

Morton’s Neuroma

Morton's neuroma is a painful foot condition that commonly affects the areas between the third and fourth toe and the ball of the foot, although other areas of the foot are also susceptible to this condition. Morton’s neuroma is caused by an inflamed nerve in the foot that is being squeezed and aggravated by surrounding bones.  Women are more likely than men to have an occurrence of this foot condition. When a person has Morton's neuroma, it can feel as if they are walking on stones or marbles.

What Increases the Chances of having Morton’s Neuroma?
-Ill-fitting high heels or shoes that add pressure to the toe or foot area.
-Jogging, running and any sports that involve constant impact to the foot area.
-Flat feet, bunions, and any other foot deformity may put you at a higher risk for developing Morton’s neuroma.

If you suspect that you may have this condition, you should visit your podiatrist. A podiatrist will first conduct a thorough physical examination to check for palpable masses between the bones of the foot.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our offices in Reading, MA. We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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